Water Damage Photo Gallery


Office Leak

After this office experienced water damage, we received a call to come clean up. We arrived promptly and got to work setting up drying equipment all around. SERVPRO is dedicated to getting everyone back their normal life again through not just hard work, but the best work. 

Flood cuts

Flood Cuts

Flood cuts are an essential part of water damage restorations. We had to perform them on this job to remove the insulation and water soaked sheetrock. All of this helps prevent future mold and mildew growth as well as structural damage in the future. You don’t want us to have to come back, so we make sure the job is done right the first time. 

fire fighter in flood

Fire Sprinklers Causing a Mess

Sometimes fire sprinklers can be triggered for a variety of reasons. In this picture the fire department came after they went off to give the all clear before we began working. We got to cleaning up the water fast and returned the office back to normal so they could continue working. 

flooded hall

Water Damage in the Office

When your office halls look like a slip and slide it is definitely time to call SERVPRO. We responded to this office and immediately began extraction of the water. Once we finished the drying process we inspected for moisture one last time and their office was back in business!


Major Flooding- We Got This

We responded to this severe flooding and had to act quick to minimize the damage occurring. The water filled the entire floor below and required immediate extraction. Once this was done our team got to work placing drying units throughout and taking out the damaged areas.  

blue tape water extraction mats

Water Removal Services

The SERVPRO of Williamsburg, Greenpoint team works extremely hard and diligently to ensure customer satisfaction and site sanitation. Once on site our project managers and crew chiefs do a thorough examination of the loss and create a restoration process game plan.

Here you can see the SERVPRO of Williamsburg, Greenpoint water extraction equipment working hard to thoroughly extract all water from the flooring of a local business in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.