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Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Cleanup

Home kitchens, commercial kitchens, it does not matter! We can easily take care of any size cleanup with our specialized equipment and trained team. Don't deal with the mess yourself, let us handle it at SERVPRO. 

water damage

Commercial Water Damage Done Easy

We arrived quickly after receiving a call about some water damage in this HSBC branch. We got everything extracted and cleaned up so they could get clients back inside again. We understand the need for speed and work with all the haste possible to get everything back up and running. 

Commercial flood

Commercial Flooding- No Easy Cleanup

Imagine coming in to open the office and you see this. Definitely not something you want to start your day with. Thankfully we were able to extract the water from this commercial building and complete a restoration for the owners. 



COVID-19 has made everyone re-think how clean the surfaces they come in contact with everyday really are. AT SERVPRO we are in a position to disinfect and clean well beyond what normal cleaning services can do. Make sure to trust the professionals to keep your workplace clean. 

cleaning window action figure

Commercial Cleaning

We specialize in commercial cleaning services.  Need us to come after-hours?  Not a problem!  We are in the business of keeping your commercial property shining 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. 

grafitti rooftop

Graffiti Removal

Are you dealing with unsightly graffiti on your property? Protect your exterior surfaces and maintain your property value and image by hiring our team of certified, trained technicians to quickly remove all unwanted paint and markings on your walls and fences. We frequently remove graffiti from business and are just a phone call away. Don't let someones immaturity ruin your business image. 

vacuum brown surface carpet floor

Brooklyn Carpet Water Extraction

The SERVPRO of Williamsburg, Greenpoint team works extremely hard and diligently to ensure customer satisfaction and site sanitation. Once on site our project managers and crew chiefs do a thorough examination of the loss and create a restoration process game plan.

Here you can see the SERVPRO of Williamsburg, Greenpoint crew extract water from a carpet after a water damage occurred at a local hotel. They worked extremely hard to get the hotel to a clean, dry and operational condition after this wide spread water loss.