Storm Damage Photo Gallery


Basement Flood

Basements are prone to water damage as well as great places for mold and mildew to grow. We began extraction of the water immediately but left fans and dehumidifiers for an extended amount of time to ensure all of the moisture was completely gone.

Flood cuts


Flooding is one of the most common after storm issues people run into. We responded to this job to extract the water and cut the walls that had been saturated with water. This gave us a better look behind as well and allowed drying to occur in those areas

Basement flooding

Storm Damage in the Basement

This basement experienced serious damages from a storm, requiring the insulation and drywall to be replaced. We got to work drying the foundation after removing visible water and damaged areas- the next steps were restoration. We worked quickly to get this family their basement back and everything was safe. 

Prepared crew

We Come Prepared

In this picture a crew member is loading up the truck from a completed storm cleanup. We always come prepared and leave our jobs feeling confident in our work.  After a storm hits, call the professionals at SERVPRO to help with the whole process. 

Flooding in arcade

Arcade Cleanup

We responded to flooding at a local arcade that was caused by heavy rains. They called as soon as the water started to come in and being  locally based showed up quickly to extract the water and get to drying the arcade floors and machines. Luckily we prevented any severe damage and our fast response helped save the owners a lot of frustration. 

storm night time thunder

Brooklyn Storm Restoration Support

Dark skies bring water and wind.  During a lightning storm take cover and stay in doors.  Our buildings are supposed to protect us from the elements, but leaks happen.  If you experience any storm damage, we have you covered. Our team is skilled at restoration and water extraction.