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Mold Remediation Testimonials

My garage has smelled damp and mildewy for months and I finally wanted it to change. My wife would complain whenever she went in there. When I called SERVPRO they told me it was most likely mold and they came to check it out. They tested for moisture and the air quality, finding out that there was a leak behind some old things we didn't use where a bunch of mold had grown. They took out the part of the wall affected by mold and then cleaned the remaining spores and moisture. Once it was all done they patched the hole and it was all complete, I was surprised how much of a difference the garage was- no more issues, no more complaints from my wife and it even smelled new!

My bathroom had been smelling damp for weeks, I changed my towels and bathmat out for new ones with no luck and finally became concerned. Under my sink was mold growing from an old leak I thought was fixed, when I called SERVPRO they sent someone over who inspected the mold and told me what was next. From there on out I knew I could trust them, they kept in contact with me constantly to update me on progress. The mold had spread pretty badly, but they were able to contain it and stop any future spreading. Thanks SERVPRO!

We had a fantastic experience with this SERVPRO team! Robert was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had mold under the flooring in my bathroom and in the attic. Robert's team worked around 2 small children and a Labrador to perform the remediation. Their work was impeccable - they were amazingly detail oriented, efficient, tidy and so polite. They worked with my insurance seamlessly and the whole thing was handled with very little effort on my part. I very highly recommended them. You can not go wrong with a team of this caliber.